72-year-old legendary actress Lisa Wong sweat selfie video goes viral

更新日期:6月 19

(Photo: left, Lisa Wong selfie. Right, Sammi selfie)

72-year-old Lisa Wong Ming-Chuen proved she is not old-fashioned and outdated, posting a sweating selfie video after an exercise on her social accounts. The selfie video imitating the sweat of 47-year-old canto-pop singer Sammi after an exercise, attracting a large number of netizens and people in the circle to leave a crazy message, praise A sister (Wong's nickname in the entertainment field as Big Sisiter).

Sister IG ’s IG posts are quite extensive, and she often shows her “fashion style photos” in IG, which attracts many netizens to praise. At present, her IG also attracts more than 104,000 followers; Moreover, older sister dare to try and play more than her juniors. She uploaded a clip of sweating after she practiced Cantonese opera on Thursday May 7. In the video, she was sweating heavily, and the sweat beads were more like beans, and she did n’t mind showing her face without makeup to the public. Exposing the crepe on the forehead, she was serious and courageous. Sister gasped in the video and said, "I'll be on the side? I'm on Sammi 2.0 today. I'm not scared to sweat a lot, come on Sammi two, come on!" Look at the camera to learn Sammi's laughter. The video attracted 36,000 views after uploading to facebook in 4 hours. Many showbiz people have left messages. Even Sammi also left a message to cheer her: "Sister Sammi2.0, come on!" And added a few emoji dolls who laughed and shouted.

Nicknamed "Ah Jie" (Big Sister), Wong was born in Shanghai's Chongming Island in 1947 and resided in Hong Kong in 1956. Armed with a passion in performing arts, she enrolled the TV acting course by Rediffusion TV (RTV) in 1967 was trained in singing, dancing and acting.

Being the super star not only in Hong Kong, but China, she forayed into politics in 1988, when she was elected as the Hong Kong and Macau Representative at the 7th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and serviced till 1998. She was awarded with the Silver Bauhinia Star Medal by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2004, for her distinguished contribution to the local performing arts throughout her 30-year career.

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