A BIONIC eye could give sight to millions in just five years, HKUST expert says.

The world’s first 3D artificial eyeball is capable of sharper vision than a real human eye.

Researchers from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have devised an electrochemical eye whose structure and performance mimic those of the ones humans are born with.

Images are converted through tiny sensors that mirror the light-detecting photoreceptor cells.

The sensors are packed into a membrane of aluminium and tungsten shaped into a half sphere, mimicking a retina.

The electrochemical eye, name EC-EYE, resembles sinister super computer HAL in 1968 sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Prof Zhiyong Fan, of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said animal and clinical trials were now planned.

He said: "Our 'biomimetic' eye has a size comparable to a human eye - a bit more than two cm in diameter.

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