CE invited to Beijing 'to give views' on national security law

更新日期:6月 19

(A Chinese national flag waves in a street in Shanghai. Picture by SK Yip/EYEPRESS)

Chief Executive Carrie Lam and several top SAR officials are to travel to the capital on Wednesday, for a trip expected to focus on the national security legislation Beijing is preparing for Hong Kong.

A brief statement issued by the government said Lam would be accompanied on the trip by Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng, Security Secretary John Lee, Police Commissioner Chris Tang and the director of the CE's office, Chan Kwok-ki.

"Regarding the legislation to be enacted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to safeguard national security, the Central People's Government will listen to Mrs Lam's views," the statement said.

It added that Lam will depart for Shenzhen on Tuesday evening before going to Beijing on Wednesday morning.

She will return to Shenzhen on Wednesday evening and cross back into Hong Kong on the morning of June 4, leaving Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung in charge during her absence.

Lam said last week that her administration will fully cooperate with Beijing on the legislation which will be imposed on the SAR without any input from the Legislative Council.

The CE has backed Beijing's move, saying the protests over the past year in Hong Kong have posed a threat to national security, with some action having been aimed at overthrowing the government.

But Civic Party legislator Alvin Yeung urged Lam to remember that it is the residents of Hong Kong who pay her wages and to tell Beijing that people don't want this legislation foisted upon them.

"She should be brave, look in the eyes of the senior leadership, and tell them that Hong Kong people do not want to have this national security law, not to mention that bypassing the Legislative Council and ignoring the Basic Law and the spirit of One Country, Two Systems is wrong," Yeung said.

(Photo by SK Yip/EYEPRESS)


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