China releases details of Hong Kong anti-sedition law

Beijing has released details of a controversial anti-sedition law under which China will set up a national security agency in Hong Kong and maintain jurisdiction in “certain circumstances”.

According to a summary of the draft published by state news agency Xinhua:

  • Hong Kong will establish a committee to be headed by the chief executive and subject to oversight by the central government in China.

  • Beijing will set up a national security agency overseen by the central government to guide implementation of the law, as well as “collect and analyse national security intelligence”.

  • China’s National People’s Congress reserves the power to interpret the law.

  • Hong Kong’s courts will have jurisdiction except in “certain circumstances”, where the national security agency overseen by Beijing, as well as other mainland state security organs, would oversee a “very small number” of cases.

  • Hong Kong’s department of justice as well as the much maligned police to set up a special unit for national security

(Photo by Sunny Mok/EYEPRESS)


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