Customs: A surgical mask with the origin of China contained excessive bacteria

更新日期:6月 19

The customs found that a surgical mask with "AHB KN95 MASK" printed on the box contained excessive bacteria and was suspected of violating the "Consumer Product Safety Regulations". The public should immediately stop using it, and the merchant should immediately remove it if it is sold.

The surgical masks involved are in a box of 10 pieces. Each mask is individually packaged at a price of HK$180, indicating that the place of origin is China.

Customs officers purchased the mask in a pharmacy in Tsim Sha Tsui last month. After learning the test results, 4 boxes of the same mask were seized in the pharmacy involved. The source of the mask is being traced. A 58-year-old male person in charge has been arrested. He is being detained for investigation. It cannot be ruled out that more people were arrested.

Customs said that yesterday it received 38 laboratory test samples from the trial purchase of surgical mask samples, one of which has a bacterial colony count exceeding two and a half, and further tests will be carried out to determine the type of bacteria. The Customs has inspected a number of retail outlets in Hong Kong, and no such surgical masks have been found for sale.

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