Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung divorces husband Michael Lai

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Hong Kong pop singer Gillian Chung has split from her Taiwanese-American husband Michael Lai after less than two years of marriage.

Chung, 39, met Lai in 2017 and fell head over heels for him. The couple held lavish weddings in Los Angeles and Hong Kong in 2018, and even appeared in a Chinese reality show called Parenting Class.

The couple had signed the divorce papers on 1 March, according to Apple Daily's scoop. Lai revealed Chung was the one who initiated the divorce proceedings. He claimed that Chung had thought of getting a divorce shortly after they got married, as she felt she did not know him well enough.

Lai also insinuated that Chung no longer loves him anymore. In a lengthy social media post, he wrote: “When I think back to 2018 after our wedding in Los Angeles, you suddenly turned cold. I asked you why, and you told me that you regretted (our marriage). You didn’t love me very much, and felt you were not suitable for marriage. We discussed for a long time and decided to give our relationship another chance.

“In March of this year, you called me and said, ‘I’m sorry, I thought I would fall in love with you slowly after marriage, but I really couldn’t do it.’ When I received your signed separation agreement, my feelings went from sadness to anger to loss, and finally to acceptance of reality. I think life is like this. Although I still can’t believe it; but thank you for telling me your true feelings so that we can walk towards our separate future.”

Chung confirmed her divorce via a statement through her management agency, Emperor Entertainment Group, and cited lifestyle differences behind their separation. She added that this is a private matter between her and Lai. They continue to respect each other and will not respond to any questions pertaining to their marriage.

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