More cops arrested for misconduct

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Two more police officers had been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a methamphetamine case on Friday May 9.

The two, aged 31 and 36, were held on suspicion of misconduct in public office, in a case the police say is linked to the arrests a day earlier of a station sergeant and another officer who were found to have 25kg of the drug Ice between them.

"Police are furious and disappointed about officers suspected to have breached the law and discipline," the force said in a statement. "The incidents have impaired public confidence in the police and are very unfair to other officers who have all along dedicated to their duty."

The force did not specify which case it was referring to; earlier on Friday, eight other officers from Sham Shui Po were arrested on suspicion of assaulting homeless people and damaging their property in an incident in February.

"Police have all along attached great importance to the integrity management of police officers," the statement continued. "To avoid similar incidents, the police management is reviewing the internal management strategy of the force."

Several people were detained during a police operation at a hotel in the early hours of Thursday, including a station sergeant who was one of the detectives responsible for the earlier raid. Late on Thursday, police arrested a second officer, a 37-year-old man, in Shek Kip Mei.

The sergeant was found with 2kg of the drug, while 23kg of Ice was found in the flat where the second man was arrested. Details of the two officers arrested on Friday are not yet clear.

"Police reiterate that no bad element in the force can be tolerated," the statement continued If an officer is suspected to have breached the law or committed a breach of discipline, police will conduct serious investigation according to the established mechanism and take appropriate actions accordingly."

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