Police fired pepper balls at Mong Kok mallon Mother's Day

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Riot police made arrest and fired ‘pepper ball’ projectiles at an upscale Mong Kok shopping mall on Sunday as protests were held at shopping centres across the territory.

Officers entered the Moko mall at around 4pm to disperse a crowd of several dozen people who had been singing protest songs and chanting anti-government slogans.

At one point, something appeared to have been thrown at the police from above, prompting officers to raise their guns.

Pepper ball projectiles were fired at the direction of a cafe where families were having afternoon tea with child for Mothers' Day. Photos showed customers at the cafe cover their mouths against acrid smell hung in the air afterwards.

Officers then stormed up several flights, cordoning areas off and telling people to leave in the process. They then arrested at least two people by the food court.

(Photo credit: HW Chan/EYEPRESS)

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