Hong Kong man dies of suspected heart attack hiking in Sai Kung Country Park amid very hot weather

更新日期:6月 19

The hot weather today was the cause of three heat-related medical emergencies. In all cases the victims collapsed into comas and had to be airlifted to hospital. One died.

The first incident occurred around 12:15 pm when five men and a woman were  walking  to Pak Lap Wan, Sai Kung. One of  the men suddenly felt heart discomfort and told his friends to ask for help. As soon as he fell into a coma, they immediately called the police.

A Government Flying Service medical team was dispatched for rescue. The man was rushed to the Eastern Hospital but was later certified dead from a heart attack.

A few minutes later, another person fell into a coma while hiking in Sai Kung with five friends. Around 12:20 pm, a man hiking the up a path in Long Ke Wan fell unconscious and his accompanying friends immediately called the police. He was rushed to the Eastern Hospital by helicopter and recovered later. He was said to be suffering for heart problems.

In the third incident police received another report around 2:00 pm that a middle-aged man and a friend went hiking in the hills Sai Kung and he fainted with suspected heatstroke  near Tai Tan. The GFS sent a helicopter to the scene and rescued him and sent him to the Wan Chai helipad , and then by ambulance to Ruttongee Hospital. He is in stable condition.

The Observatory said the formation of an anticyclone aloft is bringing very hot weather to the south China coast.

“The mercury rose to 33 degrees Celsius or above at many places around noon,” it said.

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