Tourism Board rolls out “Holiday at Home” campaign for locals

Hong Kong Tourism Board has rolled out extensive “Holiday at Home” campaign to help locals explore the hidden delights of their city.

Dining, shopping and entertainment deals, more than 100 places of interest, including little known attractions, and tour redemptions are a part of the “Holiday at Home” campaign's first stage launched today.

Residents can get travel guides and information about numerous the offers by visiting the campaign website The HKTB has also set up themed decorations around town featuring the QR code linking to the campaign website.

The campaign, being rolled out in stages, recommends more than 100 places of interest, many of which are lesser-known venues and activities, the HKTB says. And dining, shopping and entertainment offers include more than 10,000 deals. Also, residents will be able to redeem local tours through spending.

Noting that coronavirus-related travel restrictions have dried up oerseas visitors, HKTB chairman Pang Yu-kai, said the board’s strategy to revive Hong Kong tourism begins with revitalizing the local market.

The board hopes that the campaign will give the tourism and related trade an opportunity to warm up and prepare for welcoming visitors again later on, Pang said.

There are six themes in the campaign – skyline (harbour views), local culture, wellness (outdoor activities), night entertainment, dining and shopping, about 120 interesting venues and activities, the HKTB said.

Four credit card networks, namely Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and American Express are offering promotions for the first time to boost spending. On top of that, American Express is organizing weekly lucky draws riding on the campaign.

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