U.S President Donald Trump strips Hong Kong special status as Beijing imposes national security law

更新日期:6月 19

(President Donald J. Trump, joined by senior White House advisors and Cabinet members, addresses his remarks in the Rose Garden at a press briefing on issues with China. Picture by EYEPRESS)

U.S President Donald Trump holds a press conference on Friday May 29, 2020, one day after China’s legislature passed a resolution to institute a new security law tailor-made for Hong Kong that would prohibit acts of subversion and secession, to announce that he will revoke Hong Kong’s special status.

The US government will begin eliminating special policy exemptions it grants Hong Kong, following its determination earlier this week that the city is “no longer autonomous” from mainland China, President Donald Trump announced on Friday.

The move will affect “the full range of agreements” the US has with Hong Kong “with few exceptions”, Trump said in the Rose Garden at the White House, including its extradition treaty with the city and economic privileges enshrined in US law that differentiate it from mainland China.

“We will take action to revoke Hong Kong’s preferential treatment as a separate customs and travel territory from the rest of China,” said Trump, indicating that the State Department’s travel advisory for the city would be updated “to reflect the increased danger of surveillance and punishment by the Chinese state security apparatus”.

The US would also take steps to sanction Chinese and Hong Kong officials “directly or indirectly involved in eroding Hong Kong’s autonomy”, he said, echoing the language of legislation enacted in November that requires a punitive response from the executive branch in such circumstances.

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