Handy is a smartphone equipped hotels globally in their rooms for guests to use, and at one point had its devices in over 82 countries and 600,000 hotel rooms. The android-operated handset is best for child, and students. 



品牌: Handy

型號: VZH

儲存空間: 16GB 

綱絡: 4G LTE

相機: 主鏡頭 800萬像素

錄影: HD1080p

作業系統: Android

螢幕: 5吋 (1280 x 720)

重量: 150g

大小: 6.9cm x 14.1cm x 0.9cm 




Color: Black
  • This handset is currently available for Hong Kong market only. Shipment within Hong Kong is free. 目前只接受香港區訂購,免費送貨。

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